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Bullseye pdr doesn’t damage the environment

THINK GREEN! PDR paintless dent removal is as green a repair as it comes in the automotive industry. It is the most environmentally friendly way to repair hail dent damage and produces the most effective results.

We repair hail damage from large to small in the safest way possible by restoring the panels on your vehicle to the original state before the damage occurred. Unlike traditional body shops that utilize the chemicals found in paint, paint thinners and paint removers to repair hail damage, paintless dent repair follows the recycle, reduce and reuse principles that keep our earth as green as can be for generations to come. It simply takes advantage of the finish your vehicle acquired when it was manufactured.

With Bullseye PDR certified paintless dent removal techniques, we avoid using hazardous chemicals on your vehicle. We work with specialty tools that allow us to massage out the dents and preserve the paint your car already has.

We take pride in our ability to give our customers’ vehicles that “like-new” finish while keeping the earth clean and uncontaminated.