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The Bullseye home office is located at 1501 South Fort Crook Road. It is located across the highway from the Bellevue Lied Center on Fort Crook. Bullseye has nearly 12 auto body shops it services all over the metro area. Bullseye has a retail service center located at 67th and L Street in Omaha. We also have body shops in Irvington, Saddle Creek area in Midtown Omaha, Central Omaha, Ralston and several in Bellevue.
A phone call to Bullseye will get you to the right shop. In 2014 we introduced a 44 foot enclosed trailer that supports a 42 foot by 25 foot awning that is a complete mobile worksite known as “The Rapid Response Team”. It enables us to go right into the heart of a heavily damaged area and begin to work and help customers get their vehicles repaired in a timely and convenient fashion.
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Saturday & Sunday by appointment
Serving Omaha NE, Bellevue NE, and surrounding areas