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what is paintless dent repair?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is an insurance industry recognized repair process that involves the removal of hail dents from a vehicle’s exterior surface panels without disturbing the finish.

Paintless dent repair involves the use of specialized tools to apply pressure to the back side of the vehicle’s panel to remove surface imperfections. Damage may also be repaired with a bonding “tab” or device affixed to the exterior of the panel and pulling the dent from the topside. By using either of these techniques, our technicians are able to restore panel appearance without expensive refinishing.


important things to remember

  • Your insurance rates will not go up if you turn in a claim on your vehicle. If rates go up because of a catastrophic event like hail, everyone’s rates will.
  • You own your vehicle, not the insurance company. It is your choice where you take it to get repaired.
  • Insurance company policy is to deny any future hail claims on the vehicle you own if the damage is not repaired. It is a restriction that is on your policy as “unrepaired damage.”
  • If you choose to not repair your vehicle and you are unfortunate and get your vehicle involved in an accident, your insurance company will deduct the hail damage from the damaged panels on the collision claim.

About 80 percent of the time when estimating your vehicle, your insurance company cannot see all the damage on your vehicle. This can leave you without enough money to cover all damages. It is Bullseye’s responsibility to write you an honest and competitive estimate using the guidelines that Paintless Dent Technicians and insurance companies have set up to get your vehicle repaired.

Jeff Mutzenberger

Quality Auto Hail Repair is this Rapid Response Team’s Mission

Bullseye PDR is an Omaha-based paintless dent repair business operating since 2000. Bullseye’s president, Jeff Mutzenberger, started his career owning and operating a local auto body shop in Omaha. After mastering the art of paintless dent repair, he closed his body shop business and began doing PDR work all over the country. Bullseye has shops that it services in Minnesota, Ohio, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, Montana, but Bellevue and the Omaha Metro area are the home base locations for Jeff and his team.

Paintless dent repair is all we do. It is a trade that is only as good as the person performing the repairs. Many things can go wrong if not done correctly. Today, paint on cars is basically plastic. It is very flexible and this is why PDR is such a great repair when done correctly. Paintless dent repair is the art of removing dents without body work and paint. This is the reason for our THINK GREEN set up and colors.

A lifetime warranty is given to all repairs as long as you own the vehicle. Remember, it is your car and it is your choice where to get it repaired.

The Rapid Response Team

In 2014, we introduced a 44 foot enclosed trailer that supports a 42 foot by 25 foot awning that is a complete mobile worksite known as “The Rapid Response Team”. It enables us to go right into the heart of a heavily damaged area and get straight to work helping customers get their vehicles repaired in a timely and convenient fashion.