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Over 20 Years of Experience in PDR & Hail Damage Repair

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Think Green

PDR is an environmentally-friendly dent repair technique.

Think Green

PDR is the most eco-friendly way to remove hail damage.

Hail Damage Experts

We have over two decades of experience in hail damage repair.

Hail Damage Experts

Fixing hail-damaged vehicles is our specialty!

Bullseye PDR is your paintless dent removal and hail damage repair expert in Bellevue NE. Call or text 402-657-4857!

Bullseye PDR is an Omaha-based paintless dent repair business operating since 2001. Bullseye’s president, Jeff Mutzenberger, started his career owning and operating a local auto body shop in Omaha. After mastering the art of paintless dent repair, he closed his body shop business and began doing PDR work all over the country. When on the Hail Trail, Bullseye has shops to work and services out of in Minnesota, Ohio, Alabama, Texas, South Carolina, and Montana. Don’t be mistaken however, Bellevue and the Omaha Metro area is and will always be the home base for Jeff and his team.

Paintless dent repair is all we do. It is a trade that is only as good as the person performing the repairs. Many things can go wrong if not done correctly. Today, paint on cars is basically plastic. It is very flexible and this is why PDR is such a great repair when done correctly. Paintless dent repair is the art of removing dents without body work and paint. This is the reason for our THINK GREEN set up and colors.

A lifetime warranty is given to all repairs as long as you own the vehicle. Remember, it is your car and it is your choice where to get it repaired.

The Rapid Response Team

In 2014, we introduced a 44 foot enclosed trailer that supports a 42 foot by 25 foot awning that is a complete mobile worksite known as “The Rapid Response Team”. It enables us to go right into the heart of a heavily damaged area and get straight to work helping customers get their vehicles repaired in a timely and convenient fashion.

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Think Green

Rapid Response Team

PDR paintless dent removal is as green a repair as it comes in the automotive industry. It is the most environmentally friendly way to repair hail dent damage and produces the most effective results.

We repair hail damage from large to small in the safest way possible by restoring the panels on your vehicle to the original state before the damage occurred. Unlike traditional body shops that use harsh chemicals found in paint, paint thinners, and paint removers, paintless dent repair techs use tools to massage and push dents back into place. This eliminates the use and need of those chemicals allowing for a more environmentally friendly service.

With Bullseye PDR certified paintless dent removal techniques, we avoid using hazardous chemicals on your vehicle. We work with specialty tools that allow us to massage out the dents and preserve the paint your car already has.

We take pride in our ability to give our customers’ vehicles that “like-new” finish while keeping the earth clean and uncontaminated.

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The Bullseye Difference

Paintless Dent Repair takes skill and precise attention to detail. Unfortunately, some techs and companies may not have this skill nor the pride to correctly repair your vehicle. This can lead you to believe you might be getting some deal but more often than not, what you pay is what you get. We would love to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about paintless dent repair. Full transparency is something that all of us here at Bullseye firmly believe in. This provides the best possible experience for both us and our customers and continues to hold our reputation in such high regard.

If Bullseye is not in your area and you experience any problems, we will pay another repair shop of your choice to help you resolve any and all problems.

Bullseye PDR can help you with your deductible.

Bullseye PDR can assist you if a rental car is needed.

Bullseye PDR knows how to work with your insurance company.

Bullseye PDR always provides a “Quality” repair at a competitive price.

Bullseye PDR repairs automobiles nationwide for “Hail Damage”.

Bullseye PDR will guarantee your satisfaction and our workmanship as long as you own your car.

Rapid Response Team

We have 20 plus years of experience under our belts—all we do is fix dents and hail damaged vehicles.

The Bullseye Difference

 Google Reviews

“Jeff did a great job on my F-350. I can’t tell there was ever a dent in the tailgate. The price was reasonable as well. Bullseye will be the first place I call from now on if I ever need paintless dent repair. He did exactly what he said he would do and in the exact time frame he promised. If you want old fashioned integrity go see this guy.”

Ross H.

 Google Reviews

“Was able to drop my car off and pick it up on the same day. My car looks brand…can’t even tell where the dents were. Honest and reliable! A customer for life!”

Laura T.

 Google Reviews

“One of the best small dealerships I’ve been too. Austin the owner is very easy to talk with, trustworthy, and extremely helpful! By far would recommend Bullseye to everyone!”

Christopher C.

 Google Reviews

“Had my new truck for 3 weeks before a shopping cart got the best of it, caused a dent and a crease along the bed of the truck. They got me into the shop right away and fixed my truck with no issues. Looks like the day I left the dealership with it.”

Mike M.